Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey Love, It's Your Special Day Today =)

You see, bii, I've been preparing for this, since two months ago. When I got a hold of that thing, I was like, "This is the one I've been waiting for"

I've been practicing, and it has been fun, though to play a one full song, your favourite one would be a real challenge. Then, I got an idea.. Why not I play that song. It is short, and easy. I found the link, on YouTube, wow! Cool~ In less than 10 minutes learning it, I mastered it!! Oh YEAH!!!

Thanks to this video, I can play that special song easy~ hehehe

But too bad Bii...tonight..I don't have that thing in my hand. No guitar in this house! On the very day I need it!! ARRGHH!!
....Pathetic I know.. =/...
So I can only dedicate you this. (though this one is a bit different from the one I learned!)

Good thing I played it for you once! XD

And I hope tomorrow you will receive something nice?decent?special? Hehehe I hope you like it. Wait ya?


Here wishing you,


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