Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Birthday

I kinda hate being away from my laptop and internet access for too long. If only the reception was good back in kampung, I would have updated my laptop every hour since there were many things that happened. Exciting stuff. Hehe.

Ah, my 23rd birthday last Thursday, 9/9. Cool right? Last year 2009 and in year 1999 were cool as well. 9/9/99 and 9/9/9 hehehe.

Though there was no surprise party, big party like the ones I had when I was in Gippsland, I was pretty content. I got not-so-surprise-surprise birthday presents from my imoto, Pam and the gf. Hehehehe XP

Got these two pendants from Pam on the 5th I think. She told me few days before because she was worried that I might return the parcel to the postman LOL
I only realised I got a parcel after I showered that afternoon, next to my bed. From the gf.

Was only expecting a birthday card and the new Liverpool jersey. I did blog about this few weeks back. Hehe

All these made me miss Gippsland even more. I don't care about the presents, it's the family there, friends that willing to pull off something to celebrate people's birthdays. Stay up late, went to do shopping for the party, cook extra food, the creativity to plan the surprise. I miss all that. I love being part of the team, and being the one at the receiving end as well. Hehehe XP

My birthday 2008 =)
My birthday 2009

The top left picture: Waiting for the right time to "Surprise!" the birthday girl back in 2008. The top right picture: Birthday bash for October, November and December babies LOL because it's summer break and we couldn't really celebrate their birthdays together.
Bottom picture: Xinyi's birthday! It was a great one because this time the house is bigger. =P

Though I didn't have anything like that this year's birthday, I still feel content and happy since I was with my family and in my kampung too. And it was raya eve. You can say that the birthday celebration was postponed to the following day. =P


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