Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Oh Sundae~

What's up? It's the ceiling (or sky, depends on where you are at the moment =P)

Hokay hokay, do you guys know that Sunday is the start of the week here in Terengganu, and also in Kelantan and Kedah? Hahahaha, I'm just asking because for all you know your next desk colleague might not know about it, or some high school kids who are still in their own lala land on a happy world, thinking about romance and love, thanks to the sinetron, dramas, soaps (not that bar soap in the bathroom). Heh

Anyway, back to what I was gonna say. Hmm, so you guys do know today is the start of the week here in Kerteh. Right now I'm alone at home, my parents went to Kemaman, my younger siblings are at school. Learning about life, the good things in it and the bad things in it as well. Hahahaha..I hate the feeling that I think everyone else in the world is also having the same day as me when actually most of them are at home spending their last day of weekends!!

Okay, not that I hate it, I just got embarrassed when sometimes I said things like "I thought you're supposed to be at uni right now?", "Eh, no class today?", and "Tak keje eh hari ni?"
The common reply - "It's Sunday dude!"

My dad once told me, Johor and Perlis last time also practiced the same thing; Friday and Saturday were the weekends. One day, after the Friday prayer, the late Sultan of Johor saw kids started rushing back to school, in uniform still. So, he asked what's going on? And was told that the state government moved the start of weekend to Saturday. I don't remember what else my dad told me but that's the gist of it. The Sultan wasn't pleased because the decision was made without his knowledge.

That's what my dad told me. And I wondered how come only Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah, plus Johor one time ago. I thought, why not I googled. But maybe the keywords I used were not clear enough so I only got the answer from Apparently there are others who ask the same thing. Hehehe. The best answer should be this one

"Ok lah tu, senang nak pergi solat Jumaat. Sebenarnya, cuti hari Ahad ni negeri-negeri bersekutu je, dan cuti hari Jumaat, pulak, negeri yang tak bersekutu. tapi last2 tinggal 3 negeri je. Translated =P

That makes sense really. I remember learning about that in Sejarah; 5 negeri-negeri tak bersekutu (what do you call it in English? Non Aligned States? =P) Terengganu, Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah, and Johor. Makes sense alright. Still, that doesn't really answer why these 5 states last time had Friday off? Is it because of the strong faith in Islam that they want to make Friday off day so that the people of the states can go to Friday prayer? That could be one of the reasons I guess.

Now that there are only three of us LOL, I guess there are some people out there that will go, "Why like that one, so troublesome?", "Waa..Friday off just because you want to go prayer, so lazy", "Apa barang Ahad pergi sekolah, orang gi tengok wayang". Haha. Being minority sucks alright, but Friday as an off day instead of Sunday is no big deal. We are still Malaysians.


p/s: Selamat Menyambut Bulan Kemerdekaan! Hahahah!! XP


alonq_exe said...

As a Johorean, i approve of this. hahaha. masa kecik2 dulu memang cuti la hari jumaat dan sabtu. tapi tiba2 je kena sekolah hari jumaat.

tak best betul. cuti hari jumaat baru best.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh! thanks for that info. glad to know e thing i posted up is correct. hahah! XD

ye cuti jumaat baru best. heh


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