Saturday, August 21, 2010

Australians Start Voting Today

The leader of ALP Julia Gilliard (left) and the Liberal Tony Abbott.

I think? Because last nite I saw a friend's Facebook status. She said she just finished reading about political parties, voting and stuff, and knows who she's gonna vote for tomorrow which should be today.

The last election was in 2007 I remember, I was a first year student then. But I wasn't around to watch it live. According to my friend who stayed back in Australia and did get to witness the election, it wasn't anything like Malaysia's general election. No posters of candidates, banners with "Vote Kevin Rudd" or "Vote for the Coalition". It went on quietly. Well not exactly quiet with no noise at all, but not as noisy and rowdy like the one in Malaysia. Though they don't have all the hoohaah on the streets, they sure got it going on TV. Yes. You can see the Australian Labor Party vs the Coalition.

Oh okay, before I go on, let me tell you about the major political parties there. I only knew of three as a housemate of mine told me about it when I was still in first year. There are Australian Labor Party aka ALP, Liberal and the Nationals. Liberal and the Nationals form a coalition, sort of like how the coalition party of Barisan Nasional (BN), and Pakatan Rakyat (PR). Anyway, there's another major political party in Australia I just found out, the Greens.

So yeah, ALP will go head to head with the Coalition on TV haha. It is fun to see how both parties are given equality to campaign on media. There's no Coalition TV, or ALP TV like how there are the mainstream media - TV1, TV2 and the alternative one owned by the opposition parties such as TV Pas. Both parties, ALP and Coalition can put up their campaign ads on TV channels. I did get to watch some of the campaign ads and I think political message aside, some of the ads are really catchy.

These two are the Liberal Party's campaign ads in 2007.

And these two here are campaign ads against the ruling party then in 2007, the Liberals by the ALP.

The first time I watched these ads I was like, aren't they going to jail for going against the government, on TV some more?? Hahaha, that's not how they do things in Australia apparently. Which amaze me, lots.

Now, Kevin Rudd is no longer in charge of the government as he got votes of no confidence last June and has been replaced by his deputy then, Julia Gilliard. I don't know which one will win, but Australia, you make the choice! =)

p/s: Though some international students organisations do not like the change in policies regarding the Permanent Residency application. There's little that they can do anyway, since they can't vote. =P

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